Caccere Racing
GP2 Physics Editor

Edit car physics. Old version for people who can't use the latest Slot and Tyres Editor.
rremedio - 17kb

GP2 Pitstop Patcher

Tweak pitstop time and remove/enable refuelling.
rremedio - 6kb


PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE. This is a very basic alternative to hof2lap.
rremedio - 38.075kb

Jad-Jam Converter

Jam converter that works on Windows.
rremedio - 6kb

Slot and Tyres Editor 1.1

Old version kept here for its better OS compatibility and smaller download
rremedio - 180kb

Slot and Tyres Editor 4 beta

Magic Data, tires and a lot of other features.
rremedio - 39.590kb

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